what we have is a pattern of false flag events

Why does this San Bernardino Shooting stink of, FALSE FLAG – ENGINEERED TERROR?

(The bodies haven’t hit the ground and Zero is screaming gun control; again.)


Drone strikes innocent civilians

Arms drug cartels


Gives IRAN his approval for nuclear weapons

(just saying that our fearless leader is an unethical, unprincipled, agenda driven liar)






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2 Responses to what we have is a pattern of false flag events

  1. Came in on this late, not sure how the PTB are gonna spin this to their agenda. Well armed, well equipped, seems to be a specific local beef, and Barry is trying to push gun control…again…in one of the most controlled states in the Union. Keep your eye on this, Len.


    • maddogg54 says:

      This stinks of an engineered attack of a soft target. My bet is that this is Islamic. Because it was a Christmas Party. But I’m paranoid (
      and right most the time).
      3 Attackers, masks, body armor, escape/extraction plan; COINCIDENCE?
      Also, I’ll bet good money the weapons and ammo trace back to Syria.


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