Operation Northwoods document



PDF DOWNLOAD LINK:  northwoods

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thunk for the day


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our lap dog media puppets


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either it’s a “normal political tactic” or a myth; pick a team


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fair warning


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tis the season of treason

Obama Releases Dangerous Jihadists – Then Misleads Country About It

President Barack Obama says his administration will continue releasing terrorists from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, so long as those released are less dangerous than the jihadists currently fighting against the U.S. and its interests.


Bergdahl to face desertion charge in general court-martial

WASHINGTON (AP) — Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years and freed in exchange for five detainees in Guantanamo Bay, will face charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy in a general court-martial, the Army announced on Monday.



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serious adult supervision is lacking…

Why Offering U.S. Apache Attack Helicopters to Iraq Is a Big Deal

At a time when President Obama has come under persistent criticism for having an inadequate strategy to win the war against Islamic extremists, the Defense Department is upping the ante in Iraq by turning loose a fleet of Apache attack helicopters.  more


Does anyone in the DOD ever say NO to insane orders?

Tanks, trucks, hum-vees, artillery, small arms & heavy weapons were not enough to give ISIS…Now, A fleet of Apache attack helicopters.

And the TSA is confiscating nail clippers.

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a legacy of blood

muslim brotherhod and hitler

What’s become of Egypt’s Morsi?

A court in Egypt has confirmed a death sentence handed to ousted President Mohammed Morsi for his involvement in a mass prison break during the 2011 revolution.

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thunk for the day


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Who are you serving? the IRS? a Gov’t agenda? – article link

The Number One Enemy of a Christian, Is Their Church

Refusing to Stand Up to Evil

As the country struggles to come to grip with the unscreened immigrant invasion, which includes the importation of an unknown amount of Muslim terrorists, our economy is threatened like never before, our collective health and our national security is at extreme risk, and yet, we are unable to look to our churches to provide the leadership needed in this time of crisis. Most concerning is the fact that our country is being overrun by unscreened Muslims from areas of the world that hate Americans. Our FBI says 10% are likely terrorists. As a result, we are staring down the real possiblity that we are going to be facing multiple San Bernardino incidents. Yet, your pastor is silent. Christians are not being admitted as immigrants under the refugee/resettlement program from the Middle East. Christians are being beheaded, yet the Obama administration has condemned our Christian brothers, in certain parts of the Middle East, to a certain and brutal death, often by beheading. We admit many of the executioners to our country, but not the persecuted. In some parts of the world, being a Christian is a death sentence. If your pastor does not speak about this on Sunday. he is complicit with his silence.


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