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How to Use a Kalashnikov Rifle in a Gunfight: Trigger Management | KALASHNIKOV RIFLE GUNFIGHTING


How to load a 75rd AK Drum Magazine


Romanian 75 Round AK-47 Drum

(top loading) Review (HD)


Sniper Employment 1992 US Army Training Film; “One Shot, One Kill”

Combat Handgun Training with the

1911 .45ACP – Army Training Film

1911 Semiauto Pistol




Wilson Combat –

Complete Disassembly of a 1911


Ruger Double Action Revolver Cleaning


M1 Rifle — U.S. Army Training Film


U.S. Rifle, Cal. 7.62MM M-14 Operation And Cycle Of Functioning (1960)


M-16 Rifle M16 Training Film: Rifle XM16E1 Operation & Cycle of Functioning pt1-2 1966 US Army 15min


Ruger Mark III .22 Pistol Disassembly


Ruger Mark III Pistol Reassembly


Glock 19 Pistol Take Down –

Disassembly & Lubrication


Firearm Maintenance: Remington 870 Disassembly – Part 1/4
Firearm Maintenance: Remington 870 Cleaning — Part 2/4
Firearm Maintenance: Remington 870 Lubrication — Part 3/4
Firearm Maintenance: Remington 870 Reassembly — Part 4/4


Victorinox –

Knife Sharpening Demo –

How To Sharpen A Knife


Best Simple Knife Sharpening Tool & modification